Saturday, August 23, 2014

Welcome to Jackpot Mailers tips&tricks

Hello fellow surfer,

If you are reading this it means that you are already a member of at least one Viral Mailer that has a weekly jackpot in place :)
If you want to reap a good part of the jackpot and not be feel disappointed at the end of the week, keep reading to make sure you are not concentrating on the wrong one...

About one month ago I realized that I am a member of too many Jackpot Mailers so I decided to keep some stats in order to decide each week on which one to concentrate in order to maximize my results (profits).
The results were kind of surprising when after only 2 weeks I've seen that the ones who I thought are "the best and most profitable ones" are not what I was thinking.

Just like you, a while ago I was jumping on the new ones and sometimes paying for so-called one-time offers... trust me, in the end this is a waste of money and if you are not a very good promoter in the end you will not make back what you invested.

As a result, now I am concentrating on the ones that has a history in having a decent jackpot each and every week, allowing me not to loose precious time clicking on links and trying to beat everyone for a $1 jackpot that is split between 25 persons and in the best case earn $0.04 after one week.

The newest program that launched about two weeks ago and I highly recommend you to join is:

For now, here is my TOP5 list of Mailers with Jackpot based on the average Jackpot Value in the last 4 weeks:

Last week jackpot value
Last 4 weeks average
- Paid to click
- Paid to surf
- Double jackpot for ugraded
- Paid to click
- Paid to surf
- Double jackpot for ugraded
- Paid to click
- Paid to surf
- Icon Game
- Email Click Rewards
- Paid to surf
- Paid to click
- Paid to surf
- Double jackpot for ugraded

I will continue to keep stats and post them here every week in order for all of us to know which are really the best Viral Mailers with jacpots in the industry.

PS: I am checking all the jacpots every friday, so the real amount can be higher.

If you know any other Viral Mailer with a weekly jackpot higher than $10 that you don't see listed here please let me know and I will join under you.


  1. Hi Radvan,

    I liked your blog! There IS one mailer you're missing, ClickOrReturnEmailWiz, the weekly jackpot is $15 there! ;)

    Here's the link to join:

    Also if you join under me, contact me and I will send you 500 credits to get you started! ;)

    I'll go finish approving this blog on SOS for you now! lol

    Kind regards,

    Lee Chapman aka griega
    Team Leader
    OldSkool Surfers & Friends

    SurfingOldSchool / Co-Owner / Admin
    TEWiz / Admin
    VikingHits / Admin
    ClickOrReturnEmailWiz / Admin
    DynamiteMailingExplosion / Admin *JUST LAUNCHED!!!*

    1. Thank you Lee,

      I will join from your link and add it to my "watch" list :)

  2. Great information on the Mailers Razvan, many thanks for taking the time to write such an inspiring post :)