Saturday, July 25, 2015

1 on 1 competition - ArtyBeezViralMailer

For the week 27th July - 2nd Aug I propose ArtyBeez Viral Mailer for the 1 on 1 competition!

In order to race with me and win the $1 prize you have to use the Contact Form of the right or just post a comment to this post telling me you want to compete and the name/username you use at ArtyBeez Viral Mailer
If not a member yet, just click the banner to join!

Remember, it's free so you have absolutely nothing to loose... 


  1. lol I'll take that dollar! oldtimer

  2. Congratulations oldtimer, you won !
    Please use the contact form on the right to tell me your PayPal address where to send you the prize :)