Monday, February 2, 2015

ZubeeZone Jackpot Mailers TEAM created

Hello everyone,

I just created the TEAM Jackpot Mailers at ZubeeZone !!!
Teams compete to win Zubee Bonuses in the team Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Team Contests

Collect Silver, Gold, and Diamond Coins to Earn Zubees and redeem them for prizes in the MarketPlace or even CASH!

Click HERE to join ZubeeZone if you are not a member yet and search "Jackpot Mailers" TEAM
You can join "Jackpot Mailers" team even if you are already a member :)


PS: you can find coins at most of the programs, while surfing or clicking mails

Looking forward for you to join the "Jackpot Mailers" TEAM

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