Monday, January 19, 2015

New Launch Alert!!! - PunchCard Mailer

PunchCard Mailer just launched!!!

Marcy McManaway decided to launch her own mailer with the help of Dan Moses as launch manager. I am sure you already heard about Marcy, or at least you saw her advertising and saw her in the Jackpot top 25 at most of the mailers every week.

Also, with Dan Moses in charge of the launch it is a guarantee that a lot of peoples will join very soon after the launch so you also should be one of those who joins early, start promoting and cash-in nice commissions!!!

Here are just some of the members benefits:
- Weekly Jackpot
- Double Jackpot for upgraded
- Paid To Click
- Click 4 Cash
- Promo Codes
- Dynamic Clicking Ratios

Also, 2000 credits welcome bonus from me!


  1. I have nothing to do with someone who puts up reviews on any owner or mailer site who you think are doing you wrong. I saw the mailers you listed as not paying and sending a warning message about them. I happen to know some of the owners and being a owner myself I find that the biggest majority of those who do stuff like you are don't ever read our terms & conditions. I wouldn't want someone like you as a member on my sites and programs. I almost bet that you never asked for a payout or never really spent a dime on any of those sites. Why should a owner pay you out if you just surf for the cash and never promote the site or spend a dime on them yourself. Believe me I know who you are and know all about you.
    I will be anonymous about this comment as I don't want you to bad mouth me either. You are just some punk who thinks he is somebody. You are not even a real man but just some coward who thinks he is some kind of authority type person.

  2. As long as you post something as anonymous I do not know who the "punk" is... you or me.
    You can use your real name, I do not badmouth anyone, I am just posting facts.
    Just for your info, I am upgraded at most of the programs I promote and I do read the terms.
    Also, before considering any program as not paying I open a support ticket and wait for an answer... in some cases the answer never came, even after 1 month.
    I also know some of the owners, have/had them on skype.

    So, just say who you are, there is nothing for you to be afraid.

    PS: it's not nice to call names someone who you know nothing about