Friday, October 3, 2014

Warning!!! LucidListViral not paying

I want to warn everyone who is a member of LucidListViral (Viral Mailer) and LucidLeads (Traffic Exchange) to be cautious with those two programs...

At LucidListViral I reached the minimum payment (which is $20) about 3 months ago and did not received any payment until today.
I opened a support ticket asking for the payment or at least an explanation about 2 months ago and received no answer so far.

So, my advice if you are a member of LucidListViral and/or LucidLeads is to not spend money on upgrades if you want better commissions... you will not be paid.

I also tried to contact Eric Holzwarth (owner and admin of both programs) multiple ways such as Skype, Twitter, CTP but it seems he is not around anymore.

I will also take LucidListViral out of my weekly TOP10 even if the jackpot value is pretty high.

Feel free to continue using both programs for advertising but once again, do not upgrade if you do not do it only for credits/lower timer.

I will keep you updated if I will receive any payment or answer to my support ticket.

If by any chance you know Eric or are in contact with him, please direct him to this post.

From LucidListViral FAQ:
The minimum payment threshold is 20.00 before you can request apayout. Once your commission amount reaches the threshhold youwill be paid out on the next scheduled payout date (see below). 
Commissions will be paid one (1) times per month on or around the30th. Payment of commissions may be delayed for a period of up to30 days from when the commission was earned. 


  1. It takes a month when eric pay me.
    See the payment proof here!

  2. Thank you for your comment and congratulations for your payment... but I am waiting for over 3 months already, 2 months since I opened the ticket and still no payment or answer

  3. Hello Razvan,

    I have the same problem with Recipe Mailer.
    Reached the payout minimum week ago. Now I have over $21,- commissions, but still no payment. Mails and skype messages don't give any response.
    I fear for the same story at Sea my Ads, because it is also owned by Katrina Graham. At that site I have reached the minimum of $15,- as well.
    I clicked like crazy each day for months at those sites, but probably it was all for nothing.
    Maybe it's an idea to make a paying list of the good sites.
    I couldn't find a forum or other platform with information about viral mailer sites.