Saturday, September 6, 2014

Candy-Coated Mailz referral contest!

Candy-Coated Mailz is having a referral contest!

Last Week Jackpot Last 3 weeks average Others
$15 $15 - Weekly Jackpot
- PTC section
- Surf4Cash
- Double Jackpot for upgraded

Starting today through September 30th, there will be a Referral Contest open to all members.
There will be 4 Winners at the end of the month with 4 Prizes Awarded.

 1st Place: $20.00
 2nd Place: $15.00
 3rd Place: $10.00
 4th Place: $ 5.00

Any referrals you get between September 6th and midnight Eastern September 30th will be counted. Prizes will be awarded Wednesday, October 1st.

Join the fun now, start promoting and be one of the winners!


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